BeOnline ® Journal of the Center for Bioethics and Research seeks to increase the contribution of African bioethicists and bioethicists working in Africa to the international discourse on bioethics and increase discussions about bioethics issues as they relate to Africa. It mobilizes research that speaks to a range of scholars in bioethics and welcomes supplemental submissions from the fields of public health, medicine, political science, religious studies, sociology, languages, anthropology, law, communications, media, literature, philosophy and history. Given that bioethical issues arise at all levels of society, the journal encourages multi-disciplinary debate on such issues and aims to shed light on research ethics concerns. While BeOnline® Journal embraces submissions across a range of research perspectives; it especially encourages work that employs empirical research methods to enhance critical understandings of bioethical theory and practice. BeOnline® Journal seeks innovative, creative perspectives and forms of writing, and welcomes new challenges. 
Published: 2016-11-21

BeOnline® Journal of the Center for Bioethics and Research